Saturday, January 25, 2014

Modern medical miracles

Things have taken a turn for the better with the old girl. The angioplasty (stent #5 added to the previous four, from 2010) seems to have been a pretty good success. For the most part, I've gotten relief from 80-90 % of the disturbing, heart-related symptoms that had plagued me for at least a couple of months. It took almost a week for a noticeable improvement to kick in, but I've had several really good days since about Monday of this week -- a week after the surgery.
And it really is quite a blessing that in the space of one generation, our lives can be extended and improved thanks to the incredible advances in treating diseases of the heart that the medical profession has achieved.
I'm grateful for that........and sad that it happened too late for my dad.
It did help my mom, though -- she had very seriously clogged arteries and triple bypass surgery at 87. She lived almost four more years, and died of something else (high blood pressure that led to a stroke). Those were bonus years, and such a gift.

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