Sunday, August 3, 2014

Time, money....and energy

For most of my life, whether I could do something or go somewhere depended on having the time and money for it.
Not there is a third factor: will I have the energy? Not just to do the thing, but to enjoy it. To make whatever it is worth the effort....and the time and money.
I mention this as my husband and I are about to go downtown to an outdoor event in Cincinnati called Lumenocity. It is a beautiful production that combines music, dance and an incredible laser light show. But you have to be there about 5 hours before the thing claim a space....and wait in the sun with thousands of people. Not to mention, you have to park far away and carry all your supplies including chairs.
I think we will be okay, and have a fun time, but it is not easy for us old folks to tolerate the hassles. Or certainly, not as easy as it used to be.
True confession: I've never been a fan of street fairs, festival seating, big crowds, etc. Old age is just bringing out those dislikes and making them harder to ignore.