Sunday, February 2, 2014

Getting through a dreadful winter

I went to church today for the first time since my heart procedure. It was a good service -- our pastor spoke about the amazing time he had on a recent mission trip to Africa -- Kenya and Ethiopia, to be precise. I almost always get sad in church though, and today was no exception--missing my parents. Only a few days before my mother had the stroke that led to her death on 3/21/12, she was suffering from so many pains (at 91, bless her) that she cried out "Why doesn't the Lord just take me?" It was a hard thing to hear, of course. But today I thought, oh how I hope that is where she is, with the Lord. She led a good and long life, she loved and was loved, and if there is a heavenly reward she is one who deserved it.
Which of course has little or nothing to do with my headline about the dreadful winter!
As I look out my window now, it's gray on gray on gray, a chilly day in early February after a horrid January of extreme cold and significantly more snow and ice than our "normal" January. The few leaves left on the trees are shivering in the frigid wind. It's Super Bowl Sunday but we have no interest in the game, the spectacle, the media craziness, the commercials, so we don't pay attention to much of it. (I might try to see the halftime show to catch Bruno Mars though.)
Thanks to any who are reading this personal blog.
Blessings to you!

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