Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The miracle cure: most prescribed drug in the US

The ER visit a couple of weeks ago - and the resultant 18 hours in the depressing hospital environment -- seemed like a heart issue. And that gets your attention & my husband's, too. But more and more, I'm convinced it was an acute anxiety attack. Some doctors call it panic attacks, which strikes me as a misnomer. Well anyhow, I had another episode a couple of nights ago & decided to start taking Xanax day and night during the stressful period I'm in (at least).
Turns out it has been a godsend.
And although I already knew that Xanax (and its generic clone) is the most-prescribed drug in America. Now I can see why. It's only been two days of my full-time regimen, and I hear from a very good friend that she did this for TEN YEARS, and looks back on it as a pleasant time of her life. (She went off about 4 years ago to take a lesser anti-anxiety drug that supposedly is less "addictive.")
Seeing my cardiologist in a couple of days, will run this by him. But I might also take it up with my long term primary care doc, a woman with whom I have a good rapport.

More to come........

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